Mini School begins each year with a great program. There are three levels, grouped according to age and skill. Each class has two teachers who teach as a team. In addition to the specifics below, all classes include music, arts and crafts, readiness work and circle activities. Time is also allowed for children to play both inside and outdoors. Our classes have a child-teacher ratio of 1 to 12 for older 4s and a ratio of 1 to 10 for 3s and the youngest 4s.
Classes for three year olds emphasize movement, open play, sharing and following directions. We work on fine motor skills through cutting and coloring. We also concentrate on shapes and colors.
The classes structured for the four year olds, teach them how to write and recognize their numbers, the alphabet and their names. They learn to work in a group setting, and continue learning how to share.
Classes for the five year olds consist of children who missed the kindergarten cut off or those who want to spend another year building confidence before entering kindergarten. Our Pre-K classroom is setup with a group instruction format. This format is similar to the style of instruction used in kindergarten. Subjects include writing, math, art, science and listening papers.

We always try to group the children according to their abilities and needs. We think you will find Mini School to be a comfortable, family oriented pre-school where you always feel welcome.